Monday, 9 January 2012

Roses Never Fade - The Man They Want To Hang 7"

After hearing the original LP from Roses Never Fade, I wanted to hear more from this band. After a little internet searching, I found out they had also released a 7". Sadly I was much too late to buy one from any store, so it sat on my want list for a while. A while turned into more than a while, and regular my Ebay searches were less then successful. Luckily I kept looking because eventually a copy was listed and I wasn't gonna let it get away from me. I may have ended paying a wee bit much for it, as well as buying a copy of the Gehenna/Vegas split from the seller, but I finally got it. Let me just say I was not disappointed.

This 7" EP contains 4 songs. Three of these sound like they could have come from the LP, while one is a completely different style all together. It contains heavy riffs and screamed vocals that sounds very much like an experimental Pale Creation track (no surprises there I guess). 
The cover is relatively straight forward, nothing too flash.
This is on plain black vinyl, and is only out of 100. For some reason it was not numbered, which is kind of annoying really. 
The dust jacket is where it really gets interesting. It features an amazing wax seal with a picture of Dwid's cartoon persona. Held by the wax seal is a miniature noose that really "ties in" (see what I did there?) nicely with the title of the EP. 
I'm so glad I finally have this record.

EDIT: I have recently found out that many copies of this record were unfortunately lost, so there are only ~50 in circulation now.

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