Sunday, 15 January 2012

Parasite / Vermapyre split 7"

When I got this record I had heard very little from Vermapyre and even less from Parasite. All I was basing my purchase on was the track playing on the Vermapyre website. That track just sounded so awesome, and I needed to hear more from this mysterious band. When I received this record I was not disappointed, both sides are fantastic. 

Parasite brings "Warning 1:警鐘" and "Warning 2: Death Or Die" to the table. Seeing as this was the first material I had heard from this band, I didn't really know what to expect. It certainly left an impression on me, I've since been tracking down other releases by this band.

As for Vermapyre, the reason I got the record, I was blown away. This side contains three tracks of black metal, noise and hardcore and includes the track playing on their website. 

The parasite cover art features a cool photo of Masaki during a live performance, with the word "Warning" written across the front.
The Vermapyre side is a bit more mysterious. It appears to be some kind of demon carrying a dead woman. On the cape of the demon is a small logo from the process. On the left hand side there are also some bats without proper heads.
This was released by Holy Terror records, and the version I picked up was the yellow vinyl. This was the band version, and is out of 250.
 Along with the record came two patches, one for both bands. Of the two, I think the Vermapyre one looks the best.  
With the advent of Holy Terror joining bandcamp, the Vermapyre side has been uploaded online for all to enjoy.

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