Sunday, 22 January 2012

Kromosom / Isterismo split 7"

I found out about this record completely by chance. At this point I already had Kromosom's first LP "8 Tracks", and was keen for some more music by this band. Apart from the demo I wasn't able to find anything for a while. I happened to go onto Cyclone records  for something and I saw they were selling a new split featuring Kromosom. I didn't know if they would be carrying many copies, or where else to but this from so I ordered one pretty quickly. 

For one reason or another, I assumed this split was a live recording of Kromosom and Isterismo on a recent Japan tour. An anonymous individual tipped me off in the comments section that I was wrong, and indeed I was. The Kromosom side is awesome, I would have loved to go to one of these shows and experience the speed of Kromosom in real life. At the time of hearing this I knew nothing of Isterismo. They are in similar vain to Kromosom, playing very noisy punk. Their side is OK, perhaps I just need to give it more of a listen.

The artwork looks pretty cool on this record. I'm not entirely sure what it is exactly meant to be, but it really gives off the DIY charm.
Inside the cover, the bands give lyrics to their songs in English and Japanese. I love how simple, yet effective the lyrics of Kromosom are. They get a point across in such little words.
The vinyl is on plain black, and I don't think there are any versions but this. The centre labels just show the respective band names. 
A great insert was also included with this record. It is a decent size poster from the Japan tour!


  1. It's not live mate, it's studio! But it does sound pretty nasty!

    1. Right you are, that was a bit of a blunder, haha. I'll get onto changing that, thanks.