Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ides Of Gemini - Disruption Of Writ Tape

While trying to find out more information about Vermapyre, I discovered that a split with Ides Of Gemini was in the works. At the time I knew nothing of the band apart from this. I was then introduced to one of their video clips from one of these songs. It was eerily haunting, but I liked it. A wee while later I came across the band's page and saw they had this EP up for sale. At the time this was only on CD and for some reason I decided against buying it. Then the second press came along, this time on cassette. I felt I had missed out by not buying the CD, so I ordered one of these instead. This contains the same four songs from the CD, as well as a bonus ambient introduction. How great!

For a tape the packaging is really great. The artwork (rightfully named "Hanging Man") is printed on lovely metallic blue card. 
Only a mere 100 of these were pressed, and I got number 25. It is always great to get something that is hand numbered. 
In theme with the blue artwork, the cassette is blue. That is such a nice colour. 
To top it off, a small sticker was included in the tape box. 
J, a member of the band, was also nice enough to write me a little note thanking me for buying the tape. You just don't get that kind of personal touch with bigger releases. Thank you.

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