Monday, 9 January 2012

Parasite / Bludwulf split 7"

I'll be honest, I had never heard of Bludwulf before. They were OK on this record, but in my opinion were nothing special. I really only got this because of Parasite. My first proper introduction to Parasite was on their split with Vermapyre. I thought they were fantastic, and couldn't wait to hear more from them. As per usual, I wanted to acquire their earlier releases, but was too late to buy from any store. So I had to resort to Ebay, ugh. 

This artwork has so much going on that I can't really be bothered describing what its really meant to be. 
Thankfully the reverse side is a bit calmer.
The auction said that this version of the record was a test press out of a ridiculously low number, like 15 or something. I was a wee bit suspicious of this because it was going for pretty cheap, but decided to buy it anyway. Once it had arrived I decided to see if I could find any info about this pressing on the internet. I couldn't seem to find any information about a pink test press anywhere, so I thought it must have been a bootleg. It didn't matter that much, but it didn't feel quite as special anymore. I'm glad to say that I have since found that 15 pink test presses were produced so this must be the real deal.

Here is the actual record, in all its mighty pinkness. I do wonder why they bothered to put a test press on such coloured vinyl. Usually they just chuck it on the cheapest vinyl they can get right?

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