Monday, 16 January 2012

Gehenna - Land Of Sodom II 7"

This is a pretty new release by Gehenna, that is really a redo of a pretty old release. The original "Land Of Sodom" was produced by Hit The Deck Recordings, and only a small number of copies made it to anyone. Last year, they decided to improve the original recordings a bit and re-release it as Land Of Sodom II. This came as a deluxe version with a CD version of the tracks, as well as "Upon The Gravehill".
The record comes in a 7" gatefold cover with the original artwork of the aforementioned releases.
Inside the mini gatefold there is a paragraph about life. I'm not sure where this has come from, I'm guessing it's a quote from somewhere. On the left side we also have a sneeky little CD which has both "Land Of Sodom" and "Upon The Gravehill". I didn't own a copy of the latter, so it was a great little bonus. I must just add that these tracks are amazing, whenever I play these it honestly feels like it is pounding through my skull.
 This version is on white vinyl which must look so much better than the crummy black. I love how the centre labels match the red seen on the cover.
This also came with a massive 14" x 14" (or 35.56cm x 35.56cm if we use the superior metric system) poster of the artwork. 
On the reverse side of the poster are the lyrics, and a bit of information about the recordings in the bottom left corner. There is also an ambiguous dedication at the very bottom, I can't quite figure out who they are referring to.

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