Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Integrity - To Die For 10"

Integrity is definitely one of my favourite all time bands. Their earlier material was gold. However, for a few years Integrity was not quite the same. Members changed, the band name changed (slightly) but so did the sound. I still have a soft spot for these albums, as the band was simply doing what they wanted instead of listening to anyone else. In 2003 things all changed again, "To Die For" was released and was hailed as Integrity's 'comeback' album. Initially this was only released on compact disc, but a few years later, A389 gave this outstanding album the vinyl treatment.

I actually have three copies of this record, as well as one copy on CD. The first is the plain blue version.

I acquired this through Ebay, in a bulk lot of assorted Integrity items (about 5 if I remember correctly). This is the first press and is out of 500 and as part of a pre-order package, came with a bonus 7" Integrity record which was also included in the Ebay lot. The insert for this version is simply a topless picture of two of the Manson family ladies.
The second (and third version) copy I own was sent to me by mistake. I had actually ordered the SSOS/COG split from A389 but this was sent to me instead. Apparently a few of the orders got mixed up as everything got very hectic before Pulling Teeth went on tour. Dom was apologetic and has sent me the correct record now, hopefully it'll come soon. Funnily enough, the next lot I ordered from A389 had everything I ordered, plus another copy of this! This version of the record is the third pressing, and is sort of a combo of the first and second pressing all wrapped into one. One side of the cover is the red version picture, while the other is the blue picture. The vinyl itself is red, and has blue labels. I believe the insert is new entirely, and has a photo of ol' Charlie. 
As you can see, the vinyl artwork differs greatly from the original CD version released in 2003 by Deathwish. When I first got this, I thought the artwork was great and really suited the release. I still stand by that feeling and almost wish it had been carried onto the vinyl.

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