Friday, 20 January 2012

No Peace / War 7"

The idea behind this record is a great one; a bunch of Western hardcore bands covering classic Eastern hardcore bands. Apparently, this is a project that Dwid had been wanting to release for a while, but it only saw the light last year on record store day. Initially, this was pressed on red vinyl, but was later pressed on several different colours on Organized Crime Records. Several versions were available; green, blue, red and yellow each with the corresponding OBI strip. Additionally, there was a version which was called the "Grab bag" versions. This featured a black and white OBI strip, with a random colour record. This is the version I bought. As you can see the OBI strip contains the logos of all the bands as well as writing in Japanese.

On the reverse side of the strip we have a track listing as well as a hand numbered sticker on the bottom. Mine is #84/129.
It is a tad hard to see exactly what is going on in the artwork. I'll let you decide for yourself.
The inside of the cover is a lot more interesting. It gives some live photos as well as some information about the bands and recordings. The best is about Gehenna's track, who once again dedicate the track to "members of the royal bloodline". On the Rot In Hell information they claim "We are all Jack Abernathy's children", how mysterious.
Because the grab-bag version included a randomly coloured record, I had no idea what colour I would receive. Obviously, I got the blue version which does look pretty awesome.


  1. Great blog here mate, really enjoying it. You're also posting with a FURY!! 36 posts this year so far, and it's only January! Puts my effort of 1 post to shame, haha!

    1. Thanks a lot! haha, I'm just trying to catch up on things I've already got, plus I have heaps of time on my hands at the moment. Things'll slow down in a couple of weeks for sure.