Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Children Of God / Seven Sisters of Sleep split 12"

I think I mentioned this in the post about "To Die For", but I'll say it again. I originally ordered this when it was first released on A389, amongst other things. When the package arrived I was disappointed to see that this almighty split was not there. Instead was my third copy of "To Die For". Dom was very apologetic and promised to send me a replacement as soon as he could. Unluckily for me, Pulling Teeth were then busy with their Europe tour. Then there was Christmas, so I didn't see anything of this record for a long time. Although one day, a few weeks ago, I came home to find this sitting on my bed staring at me.
It may have taken a while to arrive, but it was certainly worth the wait. This split is absolutely epic. Seven Sisters of Sleep are back, bringing their take on sludge infused hardcore to a whole new level. Children of God bring their trademark style chaotic ridiculousness, but also slow things down for one of the tracks, which really shows off the bands talent. 

The artwork here is really quite menacing, it seems to be a rather distressed looking individual preparing for surgery. 
As a bonus, the dust sleeve and (what would be) insert have been fused into this great hybrid. The surgical artwork has been continued on the front, while the lyrics have been printed on the back.
Only a plain black version of this was pressed, and is limited to 1000 copies ever. The black really keeps in with the rest of the packaging, so I'm pleased other colours weren't produced. 
The COG side is up streaming on their bandcamp, I urge you to check it out.

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