Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Nirvana - Nevermind 12"

I know most of my posts are regarding HT or metallic hardcore, but I do have other interests, honest. To prove it I'm shaking things up by posting about a Nirvana record. 
Nevermind was the second studio album released by Nirvana, and according to Wikipedia, "was responsible for bringing Alternative rock to a large mainstream audience". It was first released over 20 years ago now, in the spectacular year of '91. Boy what a year. Of course this isn't an original release, but the 20th anniversary special edition. It features 4 LPs containing all sorts of goodies; B-sides, demos as well as unreleased live recordings!

It's good to see that they kept the original artwork on this edition. It's gotten pretty iconic these days.
Inside the cover is some information about Nevermind, old photos as well as the track listing.
Dave sure looks young there doesn't he?
Here are the 4 LP's, in all their mighty LP-ness. These are on super thick 180g vinyl which feels just great. I've realised my hand is showing in the reflection which looks pretty naff, I'll get on to changing that soon. 

This isn't the super-mega-ultra edition of the anniversary re-release, but that was on a whole other level of price. This was a present from my dear Nan, she aint made of money you know.

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