Saturday, 4 February 2012

Botfly - Enemies Of The World Tape

It is sad that the first release by Botfly that I acquired would probably be my last. The band formed in 2010, and very recently announced they would be splitting up. I feel Botfly were quite under-appreciated, and in the words of Jacob Abernathy "These dudes put out some really good DIY material and most people didn’t even give a shit.. Then you have bands like Touche Amore that hardly put any work in and fucking blow up beyond anything else". 
So, this tape counts as the band's third and final release. Released on Mvrder Svicide Incidents, this contains 5 previously unreleased songs. The entire EP is streaming on bandcamp (as well as the bottom of the page). 
The artwork folds out into this 4 fold piece of Abernathian art, which is a spin on AFI's "All Hallows EP". It is printed on really thick card, and has the lyrics on the reverse side.
The tape is produced on clear green, and is limited out of 100. It would have been nice to be numbered, but oh well.
I decided to get the package deal of this tape which came with a few extra treats. The first bonus was these two Botfly buttons. They'll probably never get used, but they are still cool to have.
More importantly, this package also came along with this T-shirt, printed on either black or white cotton. It was a bit weird, when it first arrived it smelled exactly like rabbit. A simple wash took care of it though.

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