Thursday, 2 February 2012

Misfits - CD Box Set

I rarely post about the CD's that I have, mostly because I wouldn't have a lot to say about them. This though is a bit of a different story. This is a CD box set of The Misfits, and I do have plenty to say.

Everything comes packaged inside this awesome coffin-shaped box. Of course the outside is plastic, but it has a faux-wood pattern to make it look more like a coffin. It is just perfect for this release. 
Inside the coffin we are treated to a lovely red velvet-lined box, which is pretty much the best colour they could have chosen. Sitting on top of the velvet is a glossy booklet full of goodies. It contains photos, discography, song listings as well as information/history of the Misfits.
Int terms of music, this box comes with 4 discs. That's 106 Misfits songs covering most of the recordings from the Glen Danzig era of the band ('77 - '83). Thrown in next to the discs is a cool Fiend Club pin. That velvet really looks great doesn't it?

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