Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Unholy Majesty - S/T 7"

Along with my new colour of Perpetual 80's that I just posted about, I recently received a whole new batch of records from A389. The first I'll talk about is this fantastic 7". I was already lucky enough to get a copy of this EP on tape from Hemlock Thirteen. However, I saw that A389 was giving the EP the vinyl treatment, and I just couldn't resist.

The artwork has been revamped to better suit the size of the vinyl cover.
I'm having a bit of trouble deciding which of these is better, but I'm leaning ever so slightly towards the original tape artwork.
Inside the cover is pretty much exactly the same as the tape release. Lyrics to the three songs are included, as well as a bit about Unholy Majesty and the songs.
The version I picked up is on clear vinyl and is limited to 150 copies. From what I can tell there is no numbering on this release, which is a bit of a shame. As you can probably tell, the vinyl isn't 100% clear vinyl; a few little black streaks have been mixed in for some reason.
The reverse side centre label continues the theme of individuals in gas masks, but this guy looks particularly menacing.
I do hope these guys put out some new material soon, I'm craving more already. For those who have neither the tape nor vinyl, the entire EP is up for free download at their bandcamp page. I'll even embed it for ya.

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