Monday, 20 February 2012

Thors Teeth - Live 12"

Before the monumental annual A389 bash, I found out that a special unannounced item was going to be up for sale at the show. I was no where near able to attend this and so I assumed I'd just have to miss out, no biggy. A little while after, it was announced that this was the special record; a live recording of one of the performances from the previous year's show. 100 white copies were for sale at the bash, but 100 black copies were also pressed specifically for mail order. Aptly named "Thors Teeth", this showcases the musical ability of the members of Pulling Teeth as they play a full set of Thor songs with Jon Mikl Thor on vocals.
The cover is a gatefold deal, and inside we are treated to a collage of photos from that very night. The layout was designed by non other than Dwid, so you know its good.
I was actually pretty close to getting myself one of the white versions. A couple were initially put up on the site, but I didn't get round to ordering until the next morning. By this time, the black copies were all that was left. There is actually no logical reason why, but I just think the white would have been that little bit better.
Interestingly, the record doesn't have the usual A389 centre labels. In fact, it has nothing on it at all, apart from A and B inscribed on it.
The record runs for close to a whole hour and contains 10 of Thor's classics with the almighty members of PT. What could be better?

As a bonus I've decided to embed a track from the LP, courtesy of A389. You might see a few more of these pop up around the place.

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