Friday, 10 February 2012

Thee High Priestess - S/T Tape

This is a bit different to the usual stuff I post about, but I'm very excited about this. It is the debut release from Thee High Priestess, in other words - Hope Guzzo - consisting of four tracks that shows off the more experimental side of the Holy Terror umbrella. The artwork contains a photo from some of Guzzo's photography work.
This is the first pressing of this tape, and is on clear red which looks really cool.
Many releases are pressed in limited amounts, but not many are pressed in an amount as low as this tape. A mere 25 were produced by HP, and mine was #2. Damn, I was so close to getting #1!
For those who missed out (probably quite a lot), a second pressing is said to be done shortly. In the mean time, the bandcamp page will just have to tide you over. I'll also embed the tracks just down the bottom, in case that link is too much for you to handle. 
I am definitely a fan.

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