Thursday, 2 February 2012

Roses Never Fade - S/T 7"

This EP marks a bit of a change for Roses Never Fade. They have had a bit of a line up change, and now only consist of Nick Fiction, Matt Shack and Nathan Opposition. Yes they are still playing the same sort of slow acoustic music, but its a bit different. The harsh whispered vocals are gone, as is the spaghetti-western guitar work. In some ways it's a different beast altogether, but somehow still manages to keep that special something from their previous releases.

The packaging on this release is pretty great. I've never bought anything from Neuropa records before, and I must say I'm impressed. The artwork sets the scene for the record with a grim picture of a tombstone. I'm not sure the photo does the best job of showing it, but the band logo is printed over the top in that invisible ink stuff.
On the reverse side is the same invisible deal. This time around there is the picture from "Fade To Black" I really have no idea what the picture is actually meant to be though.
Open up this bad boy and you'll be greeted by the lyrics to the three tracks, as well as that strange picture once again. Down the bottom is a picture of either Nick Fiction or Matt Shack, I can't remember which.
Three versions of this were pressed; 250 on black, 125 on white and 75 on grey. I originally didn't see the pressing information on the site and so just ordered the colour I thought would look the nicest. In retrospect I would have liked to get the grey, simply because there are less of them out there. But then I stop and think about how it actually doesn't matter at all.
This was meant to be a teaser for a new LP that is soon to be released. Time cannot move fast enough for this to be released, there is no doubt it'll be FANtastic.

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