Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Septic Death - Somewhere In Time / Kichigai 7"

Seeing as my last post was sort of about Septic Death, I thought my next post ought to be Septic Death focused. "Somewhere In Time" contains a live recording of a 1983 performance. It serves as the only SD release by lost and found records, and although this was completely authorised by the band, it is still kinda considered to be a bootleg. 
I love this recording, it really makes me wish I could have seen Septic Death live. I think the best thing is that they don't even say who they are until the end of "Child".

As to be expected, the artwork here is pretty great. It features the Septic Death skull being pierced by the top of a guitar. You can also see how closely matched the integrity knock-off was.
When I originally got this I originally thought it might have been a test press, the vinyl is just so plain.
After consulting I found out that all of these were printed like these, so mine was nothing special .

Ok, now onto the next one...
"Kichigai" is a bit of a different story. It is just a regular 7" EP released by Septic Death. Being a proper studio recording, the song quality is miles ahead of "Somewhere..". 
Again the artwork is very cool, and very Pushead. There is not a lot more to say other than that.
The reverse side is what was mimicked in the Integrity cover release. 
This release is on black vinyl, although does have the usual centre labels and stuff. Each side also has some tiny inscriptions. Side A has "Honest Is Not Always The Smart Decision" and Side B has "I Think The 1st Wisdom Is To Restrain The Tongue".  These are really tiny, and I didn't even notice them at first.
Also included was the original lyrics sheet, which is printed on nice glossy paper which makes a nice change. 

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