Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Classified Resistance - Thee Compilation 12"

This one is jumping the gun a bit. I've been excited about this record for quite a while now, and have been eagerly awaiting its arrival when I pre-ordered it what feels like a long time ago. It only came yesterday, and has taken priority over other records that have been patiently waiting for their own post. Thee compilation marks the third release from Classified Resistance, the relatively new record label from Hope Guzzo. This is the first record released by the label, but I think a couple of exciting things are planned so keep your eyes peeled

So where to begin? It's a pretty big release, but the best place to start is probably with the artwork. If any of you have been following the Oede tumblr you may have noticed some artwork of similar style to this. You'd be right in thinking there was some connection, the artwork was designed by Thomas; the brain-child of the one-man black metal blues band. 
 On the back the artwork is continued and you get a glimpse of the bands contributing to the release.
 The version of the LP I purchased is clear blue, which I chose for several reasons. Firstly, I don't have any clear blue LPs yet, so it's nice to have one to look at (Blue is probably my favourite colour). There was also a clear red and plain clear version available which I don't have LPs like either, but that;s where the other points come in. This is limited to 100, while the clear red is out of 300. I know, I'm a sucker for thinking it matters but when you've got the choice you may as well. But what about the plain clear version? Well that was also limited to 100 copies, so I had to make the tough decision between blue and clear. I do like the clear vinyl, but clear blue just has that extra edge.
It may have been difficult to read the back of the cover, and it's probably no easier to read those centre labels. So here is who is on the LP; Thee High Priestess (Of course, right?), Oede, Strigoi, Vermapyre, VVegas, Cape of Bats, Broken Cross, Hedorah and Shane Speal. This ends up being quite a diverse compilation once you've listened to it all. The first side is almost entirely instrumental, starting with THP, who plays an eerie instrumental track. This is probably the best thing she's released to date. Oede provides a harsh black metal noise track, not dissimilar to "Stygge Faen" from One Man's Trash. Strigoi break the pattern on this side of the record and provide three and a half minutes of blasting fury. Vermapyre start out with a very harsh sounding guitar and play their signature style of black metal noise.
 On the flip side we start out with VVegas. Honestly I wasn't sure what way the band would go with this LP. Half of me was expecting something instrumental like the split with RIH or Moutheater, while the other half thought they'd bring out their unique style of metallic hardcore. Turns out the second half of me was right, the track is brilliant and sounds like the song from the recent Abraxis split
Next is Cape of Bats who play another classic black metal punk track. Broken Cross continue the hardcore theme of the side with 'Poison Blood'. I've said it before, but considering this is a one man band the songs are very solid. Hedorah is a band I've not heard of before, but a band that definitely offers something interesting. It's by far the heaviest track on the LP. Lastly there is Shane Speal; the 'King of the Cigar Box Guitar'. I've seen some videos of this guy on the internet and I was surprised by the track he played. It does fit in well with the rest of the compilation though.
As an extra with this release I also received a 20-page zine with artwork from each band. WOW!
 The cover is one of the pieces from Hope's Bones collection, which is really something else. I'd say the first page is part of 'Layers" but it looks like a newer photo than what's on the website.
 It'll take too long to discuss each piece of art, so you can just have a look at them for yourselves. It should be pretty obvious which piece belongs to who.
 All in all it's a great record that was well worth the wait to get. It hasn't disappointed in the slightest. Some of the bands have even been kind enough to put their songs online. I've embedded the player just below.


  1. Funny to say but, i have received a test press today, and still waiting for the colored LPs to arrive! It has a great hand painted artwork by Dwid (just like all of his works). Sad but i guess i'm the only one from Russia who own this :(
    Just checked - only 2 of tests remain - get them while you can!!

    Great blog!
    -Anton P.

    1. Thanks for reading!
      I do hope your coloured LPs arrive soon. I'll bet that test press is great, I'd love to see a photo of the custom artwork

  2. Take a look here, tried to make a photo as good as possible. Screw phone cameras!

    1. Looks great man, thanks for sharing the photo