Monday, 22 October 2012

GOUM - Noise Sap CD

I've been hooked on GOUM since I first heard Rensa from their demo CD. I haven't been able to track down a copy of that yet, but got their demo tape and first 7" as soon as I could. These were just great and left me desperately wanting more from the band. Well after about a year since 'The Motherfetus", GOUM released their first full-length album - "Noisesap". Of course I desperately wanted a copy, but most of the sites selling were Japanese and thus poorly translated by google. Luckily I emailed Kotaro from Cyclone records/ Narm Discos and he was able to sort me out with a copy in a couple of days. Sadly it is only on CD so isn't quite as exciting as a nice new 12", but it's really all about the quality of the music right?
Noisesap brings 8 new tracks, spanning just over 32 minutes. All the elements from their previous work are still present; from the beautiful acoustic pieces such as 'Own Sins'  to the furious thrashing of 'Live to Live'. I don' think there's a point throughout the album that I wished wasn't there, it's all just excellent. And I still find it difficult to believe this band has a female vocalist!
 The CD has the usual band logo imprinted on the front, and comes with a nice lyrics booklet full of illustrations as you see above. 
I had a nice chat with Kotaro about how great the band is, and how much of a fan he is. If you're keen on this band (or similar bands like Parasite) I'd recommend getting in contact with him, it's probably one of the easiest transactions I've made.

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