Sunday, 28 October 2012

Magic Bullet October Madness part I - Kill Life - Snake Kills Whole Family

I've been privileged enough to be a part of the reviewing team for three of Magic Bullet Record's upcoming releases. There is some pretty exciting stuff, with the first of which being the brand new 7" from the ever obscure Kill Life. 
Entitled 'Snake Kills Whole Family', this EP brings you 2.5 brand new tracks from the hardcore meets powerviolence mystery band. Much like their first release with 33, Dwid is back on vocals, although this time he is listed as sort of surplus to the band. The rest of the band members are still entirely unknown, but may comprise members from  FUCKED UP, LEAF HOUND, and THROWING UP.

It seems the band have continued in the direction of "Chimpanzee Eats Friend" from their first split. That was definitely the most interesting track from that release so this is very welcomed. The title track starts off with a chilling baby's cry before bursting into the catchiest drum beat and riff the band have produced so far. Dwid's vocals are great as usual, and he finishes the track with one last howling scream.

Track two is titled "S.I.L (Sharks Invade Land)". In fact this continues very nicely from the first track, again starting off with shrill screaming and "Oh My God"s. Although from then on this sounds quite a darker track than the previous one, and is back to the chaotic wall of hardcore noise that anyone familiar with the band should know of by now. Whoever is playing guitar ends with a blistering solo.

Last of all is the half track; "Drink Blood From Human Skull". I say half of a track as it only lasts 24 seconds, and doesn't even really start until the 6 second mark. Although despite its short life span, the track is utterly chaotic, filled with all kinds of guitar and drum work and of course, Dwid's vicious screaming.

Perhaps best of all you only have a couple of days to wait to hear this all for yourself. iTunes will have all three tracks for you to download on 30/10/12. That's just in time for you to petrify the whole neighbourhood this coming Halloween. The Magic Bullet site will also be having physical copies of this before too long, so keep an eye out for that. Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on a copy too.

Here is a wee bit of what to expect;

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