Sunday, 28 October 2012

Magic Bullet October Madness part II - I Am Heresy - S/T

Here is part II of the Magic Bullet Records October release reviews; the self-titled album from "I Am Heresy". This is the first release from the band, and Magic Bullet has been known to have quite a diverse release schedule so I was not entirely sure what to expect. 
"The Sycophant" starts out with a slow piano intro, with the first key instantly bringing to mind "Alfadanz" from Burzum's Umskiptar. I thought perhaps this was the sort of sound I'd be expecting, but after a slight bit of feedback began to build behind the notes I started to change my mind. Even with this sudden change of anticipation, I was not adequately prepared for what was to come...

"I Am Heresy" is really quite a diverse album. After the slow piano intro, the initial track explodes into a fury of hardcore guitars and screams. Several of the other tracks, such as "BUTCHERS!" and the self-titled track follow in the same ferocious suit. But then there are times where the band take the complete opposite approach. Songs like "Seven Wolves and the Daughters of the Apocalypse" and "And Yet it Moves" combine more traditional hardcore elements with clean singing and ambient sections, while "Prince of the Flies" and "Jesus Doesn't Work Here Anymore" are entirely sung with either piano or acoustic guitar in the background.

There is also one track which stands out even amongst the already diverse range, and for that reason is probably my favourite of the album. "Osculum Infame" starts out with a tune sounding like it should belong more in a creepy haunted house than on your standard hardcore album. When the drums and vocals eventually kick in they are nothing but vicious and distorted, which just fits in perfectly with the creepy tune. If anything, this track brings to mind  the obscurity of "Rosa Italia" from Roses Never Fade. It doesn't really seem to fit in with the rest of the tracks, but in some strange way that makes it all the better.

Much like the Kill Life 7", this will be available via iTunes on the October 30th. Magic Bullet Records are also releasing the CD and LP, so you can enjoy this diverse album on just about any format you desire.

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