Thursday, 25 October 2012

Pulling Teeth / Frightener split 7"

As I said on the first of the Witches Sabbath posts, I've been trying to collect more of Pulling Teeth's back-catalogue of releases. Of course that includes the band's first split 7" with UK's Frightener. Originally released in 2008 on A389, this features 3 tracks from each band, with Pulling Teeth contributing the tracks "Stone Throwers", "Basically Dead" and "Sick and Tired". These are obviously now classics, but were what I assume to be early versions of tracks from "Martyr Immortal". To be honest, the tracks from Frightener are not really for me. I've got a copy of their LP "Guillotine" that Dom sent me for free a while ago, but I never really got into it. That 12" sure does look impressive though, maybe I'll post some pictures one day.

Quite a few different versions of this have been released now. According to Deadformat, the first pressing included 500 black/gold splotch, 350 white/black and 150 clear/black specs, which is what you see above. I picked up my copy through a bid on Ebay, and the seller was actually selling a couple of different variants. Of course I went for the more limited version, even if it did end up costing me quite a bit. There is also a test-press version out there, with 20 copies made. From what I gather this has alternate cover art as well. The record has proved so popular that there has also been a second press with 350 on silver and 150 on black and gold.

The artwork is really well done on this too; it features a skull ridden form of medusa. The snake theme is also continued on the inside of the cover. This inside also contains the lyrics to all 6 tracks, with the different bands displaying them in opposite orientations.

There are still quite a few Pulling Teeth records for me to get. I've realised I actually only have Martyr Immortal on CD, so perhaps that'll make its way onto my record shelf before long. Plus I'm keen to get a copy of the live performance with Dwid, "The Blackest Curse". Although that might have to wait a while until I get more funds. Those seem to be sought after, and thus pretty expensive.

As kind of an aside, A389 has put their entire catalogue online via bandcamp. That means you can listen to anything released by the label completely free! Of course this split is included, so I've embedded it along the bottom. I've put links to this and various other things on my media page, so feel free to check it out.

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