Friday, 1 June 2012

Oede - One Man's Trash 7"

Hailing all the way from Norway is Oede, the mind child of one single individual. This is such a unique EP, that words themselves do not seem adequate to describe such a beast. From the blues infused "Stille Stille" to the blackened metal "One Man's Trash", Oede takes you on a ride so crazy it'll make your head spin. God you've gotta love it though. This is the epitome of limitless creativity, Oede has literally released whatever they have felt like without any boundaries whatsoever. That alone is the perfect formula for success in my books.
The artwork is really great this time around. I know I usually like the artwork, but this is really really great. The detail on those skulls is nothing short of fantastic. One of the children on the left is yielding a cigar-box guitar, which was apparently used to create this EP. Inside the cover we have a picture that looks like it was drawn on the wall of a cave, or perhaps a mental institution. Either way, it fits perfectly with the mindset of Oede.
Holy Terror Records were behind the release of this record, and so far only one version of this has been released, although I anticipate a regular version to be out before too long. This is the pre-order copy and is limited to just 200. I have a feeling there is still some left, so don't hold back. Just buy it.
The centre labels are pretty self explanatory, with one being the negative of the other. Quite a cool effect.
Furthermore, this also came with a great Oede sticker featuring the cover artwork. This one will definitely remain with the record though. I don't really ever have a use for stickers anyway, but it's nice to have them along as memorabilia, or something like that.
Many of these songs are up all over the web, but the best place is at bandcamp, or here if it is easier. If you don't fancy buying the physical EP, HT is selling the digital download for just 50c. You can afford that right?

Plus Oede has recently curated a mixtape of current songs he is obsessed with. If you listen carefully you might just hear a new track from Broken Cross and Integrity in there somewhere.
As an aside, I thought I'd do a bit of a preview for what's coming up this month. Also from Holy Terror is the new Kromosom 7", and as what I believe is a self-release is a tape from The Love Below. (Of course I do have plenty of others up my sleeve). If you've looked at Oede's FB page you may have noticed a picture suspiciously similar to this one. I wonder how that happened....

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