Sunday, 17 June 2012

Midnight Mass / I Know VVhere Everyone Lives

I'm going to do something different here. Instead of talking about my latest music pickups, I'll be talking about a magazine. It's okay though, it's still a music magazine, A389's music magazine in fact. That's right, for those who don't know, A389 has recently released their debut magazine entitled Midnight Mass. I'm not gonna be providing every page here, you can order one of the many awesome A389 releases and if you're lucky, you'll get one for yourself. 

On the front cover is some amazing artwork from the rather talented Brianvdp
On the first page we are greeted to a heart warming photo of Dom and his child, with words thanking the reader for keeping all this alive. I find is somewhat ironic that he thanks us, when really we should be thanking him for all he has done for this community. Hell, most of this blog wouldn't exist if it weren't for all A389 has done.
The first article in this magazine is an interview with Countdown to Oblivion. I can't say I'm terribly familiar with the band, although it was still an interesting read. In fact for those interested, the interview is up on cvltnation to read, as well as a stream of the band's discography.
Next up is a collage of live photos from the latest A389 bash. There was literally a plethora of bands playing at this event, and the photos just make it look fantastic. I truly wish I could have been there to witness it all. That'd require some serious travelling though sadly.
It seems A389 has been ridiculously busy as of late. Not only have they put out this printed material (on top of their busy release schedule), but they recently released a 52 track digital mixtape all for free. This magazine contains the official companion to this mixtape. As I mentioned in my post about it, there were a few curly tracks on the mixtape, so it's great to definitely know what they all are and where they all come from.
On the left-hand side of the page is an advertisement for the infamous Holy Terror records, showing off their current releases. If you look closely you can see two yet-to-be-released records, namely a new 7" by Broken Cross, and an Integrity split with Gehenna. Broken Cross released a new song for the mixtape curated by Oede, and if that is anything to go by, this 7" will be amazing. Integrity has also released the song from their Gehenna split, and is available to buy from their bandcamp page. Of course this song is great, so I'll embed it at the bottom for you. Oh, and if you've slept on this, I'm sorry to inform that the pre-order has already sold out. I have a feeling it just took two days, but not all is lost. Yours truly is awaiting a copy so I'll write about it when it arrives.
Anway, back to the magazine. The subsequent few pages contain an interview with Integrity discussing David Araca and Integrity in the 90's. Seeing how big this band has become,I'm sure most people would be interested to read this.
Next up is another interview, this time with Szymon Siech, a creative artist behind several prominent releases. I was actually unaware one guy was behind the artwork for the releases you can see below, but now I can definitely see a link between these artwork pieces. He mentions how collage techniques are his favourite, and they certainly turn out great.
And there we have it, the end of Midnight Mass vol. 1. It's not exactly the longest magazine in the world, but I certainly believe in quality over quantity. And quality is something this has in bucket-loads.

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