Saturday, 23 June 2012

VVegas / Moutheater split 7" part II

Rather recently I posted about a magnificent split between Moutheater and the almighty VVegas. If you read it (or read it now) you may recall I mentioned how great a red copy would look. Well, shortly after said post I received an email from Aaron of Moutheater. I'm assuming he read the post and flicked me an email offering me one of his spare copies. Even better he offered me this for basically free (all he asked was that I payed for shipping), how great is that? Of course I jumped at this chance and agreed to his offer right away. Anyway, here we are:
What did I tell you, the red does look great. I must have amazing abilities to have guessed that one. There is not much to add here really, you can have a look at the original post if you want a more detailed description.

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