Wednesday, 2 May 2012

VVegas / Moutheater split 7" / Discogs plugging

So, I've recently discovered a new place to purchase my much needed records; discogs. After many times searching Ebay for this very record, I was becoming frustrated at the world for not selling a copy. But it was discogs to the rescue as a copy went up for sale almost straight after me joining the site. What really works about the site is the wantlist function; as soon as a copy of something you have on that list comes up for sale, you get an email about it. Fantastic!

But onto the record. To the best of my knowledge, the artwork for this is from the mind of Dwid. I can't quite figure out what the picture is exactly, but it's certainly intriguing to look at. It's also a welcomed change from the usual style of art Dwid donates to these releases.
This is actually a rather basic release this time around. Obviously the front of the cover is something to look at for a while, and the artwork is continued in the background of the reverse side. Usually there'd be something inside the cover; lyrics or something, but this has nothing but white. Perhaps an insert was originally part of this and is now lost just waiting to be found again.
Only 500 of these were made; with only 300 in this grey swirl colour. Sadly this is the most common variant, with 100 yellow and 100 red copies. I'll bet the red looks just about perfect, but my grey will suffice, for now.
Of course being a VVegas release, I am a huge FAN of the tracks on this one. "Becoming The Night" may just about be the best thing they've ever put out. At just over 3 minutes, this track takes you on a journey of acoustic guitar, backwards whispers and sounds that'll haunt you more than you're worst nightmare. I've said it before, but  in my opinion this sort of material is where VVegas really shine. They leave me with a chill running down my spine that does not want to go away quickly. The other track they bring to the table, "MMVIII", really broadcasts the dynamics of the band. As to be expected it's a classic HT hardcore track, which is almost as superb as the previous song, although in a different way. MMVIII is up on MySpace so you can listen till your heart's content.
Moutheater are a band I'm really only just getting into, but am getting into in a big way. They are quite different from VVegas, playing a more "grunge" style of hardcore. I'll embed the tracks from this split at the bottom of the page so you can see how good it is. If you like what you hear, go on over to bandcamp. Most of the band's work is up for free download. I also suggest you check out the band formed by several members of this band, powerlove. You won't be disappointed.

I do always like when bonuses are thrown in, but I've never received something extra from a second-hand seller before. I suppose there is always a first time for everything. When I opened the packaging I was greeted by a second record; . I haven't had the chance to properly listen to it yet, so my mind is not quite made up about it.
What does intrigue me on this is the centre labels. One side has a picture of two keys, and the other a cat. I can't say I get it.
Ezekiel over at RWHAF has also recently written a post about this record. Those two always manage to write mammoth posts, so be sure to check it out.

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