Wednesday, 4 January 2012

VVegas - Never To VVake 12"

Vegas (or VVegas) are part of the Holy Terror unit; they play the style of hardcore characterized by Integrity.
This LP is a re-release of a re-release of their 2004 album, Never. I should probably explain that.  VVake  was originally released in 2004 on Superhero records. It was then basically re-released in 2008 as Never on Frequency deleted records. Now in 2011, it was released again as Nevver To VVake on Hellfish Family. This release is kind of a bonus edition, with the song titles in German, extra songs and live tracks not seen on earlier releases.
While Vegas are primarily a metallic hardcore band, they also play slower and softer tracks that leave a haunting feeling after each listen. Personally, I think this is where Vegas really shine.

Governing this beastly release is a picture of Katy Perry with a decomposing face, along with several others little illustrations. The vinyl itself is maintained in a shiny silver cardboard sleeve.
The picture on the insert appears to be a rendition of the infamous Manson fish logo commonly affiliated with Holy Terror, although made to look more oriental. It bothers me that the picture was placed over the top of the song titles, it made the middle of some of the names a mere guessing game. I guess this could be deliberate, but it just seems like poor planning to me.
This is on standard black vinyl, and is out of a minuscule 300 copies (although not actually numbered for some reason). I know it says out of 250 but as my commenters pointed out,  this is because the first 50 were a special pre-order version that is much nicer. The flage labels look great against the black vinyl.



  1. I think it says /250 because the first 50 had a screen printed (or silk screened) outer bag or something, and these were hand numbered. So the remaining 250 were numbered as a separate lot. Just an assumption, but seems to make sense. My copy is missing the actual hand numbering too. Annoying.

  2. Great blog!

    The pre-order of this record was limited to 50 copies that featured a VVegas crest printed on the bag and an alternate insert (#'d out of 50). It also came with a GISM homage shirt.

    Definitely a good record.

    1. Thanks. I'm glad you like it, whoever you are.
      And thanks for the info on this, that makes a lot more sense now

  3. Sorry, I thought I was logged in, haha. VVegas always has crazy releases like the limited show only Gehenna/VVegas split, the flecktarn bag w/ Moutheater split. It makes collecting their records so much more interesting.

    - Evan

    1. Yeah definitely, nothing beats crazy releases