Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Organised Crime Records Halloween Surprise Package '11

This is another new pick-up of mine, but it really deserves to be posted about.
For those who don't know, Organized Crime Records put out a surprise Halloween package each year. The deal is these things go up for pre-order around Halloween with only minimal details given. You really have no idea what the package is going to be. In 2010, they put out a glow in the dark package, with a couple of Integrity records on glow in the dark vinyl.
So, onto this year. I didn't have the smallest inkling as to what this could be. Lets go through it together shall we?
One thing I did know about this package was that it was going to be Holy Terror related. Upon opening my envelope, I was greeted by this sleek cardboard sleeve with the infamous logo printed on the front.
 On the rear the HT theme continued with a nice Holy Terror wax seal holding the sleeve down. Thankfully Clint had the foresight that people wouldn't want to break this seal, and so stuck it down on top of a sticker which can easily be peeled off.

After carefully opening the sleeve, some further card came sliding out. On the front of the card was the VVegas logo in all its glory. 
 On the reverse was the Rot In Hell logo. At this point I realised this must be a split record between  VVe.GⒶS and Rot In Hell! I would have never suspected this, and was so excited to see what tracks each band brought to the table.
 Inside the double sided card was the record itself. It's a pretty unusual size for a record, a 6". 
 Also included was a nice wee insert. On the VVegas side we have some words from T himself explaining the concept of the song from the split "Time". It's really quite thought provoking.
 On the back Rot In Hell give us the lyrics to "Armoured Gideon". I'm pretty sure this was originally meant to be on "As Pears Before Swine", but was cut from the final release. I'm glad to see this fantastic song finally get a proper release.
As of all this wasn't quite enough, the package also comes with a printed card containing a wolf/tree artwork design and a super shiny VVegas/RIH logo sticker. The card is hand numbered and mine is 123(or 128)/165.
 I did also know that the package would contain a shirt of somekind, I had to place my size in the order. Little did I know that the shirt would be this awesome. It features the wolf/tree from the insert with the two band logos on the sleeves. Oh and the initial picture is of the back.

OCR have really outdone themselves on this one. This is nothing short of amazing.

You jelly bro? haha

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