Monday, 9 January 2012

Seraphim - The Light In The Distance 12"

Apparently there are at least 10 bands out there using this name. To void any confusion, I'll be talking about the hardcore band from Pennsylvania in the states.
Musically, this is very different to their previous work. The self titled 7" released prior to this was heavier and sounded "more hardcore". Sometimes a change in band direction can be negative, luckily this particular change was far from it. This album shows how far the members have come since that 7", it seems a lot more grown up and sophisticated, while still maintaining the elements that made earlier Seraphim.

Isn't the artwork great? If you have heard this LP before, I'm sure you would agree it fits the music perfectly. If it were possible to draw a picture of the music on this record, I'm sure this is what I'd produce.
The version I have is the first pressing on brown vinyl. While brown is not my favourite colour in the world, it seems appropriate to use in this circumstance.

As always, I was pleased that this came with a lyrics sheet insert, which on the reverse side contains a pleasant picture of a mountain scene.
This was also released on CD via chainsaw safety records, and includes a further 10mins of Seraphim awesomeness not available to vinyl owners. This release has also lead to Seraphim recording acoustic versions of three of the tracks, which sadly are only available digitally. They are up now for a measly $3USD on their bandcamp.

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