Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Integrity/AVM split 7"

This release features a split with Integrity and AVM. Integrity bring another set of delightful Septic Death covers. I'm not sure if they are the same karaoke deal as the first round, although the cover does say SDK2 which does imply this. On the flip side, we have Japanese AVM. I'm pretty sure this is their only release, I have searched the internet for more but just can't seem to find anything about these guys. I really wish I could.

As usual, the Integrity songs are great. But I'm afraid to say that /\ \/ /\/\ is what really makes this record awesome. "Victim For Sorcery" is just amazing. I have listened to this song over and over and just never grow tired of it. Take a little trip to their myspace to listen for yourself. Go on, treat yourself.

The artwork for the Integrity side pays perfect homage to Septic Death. I'm not sure if it was drawn by Pushead, but the style fits his work great. Even the Integrity logo has been Septic-Death-ised. The doll the main character is holding is what I believe is Dwid's cartoon persona. The AVM side is just a collage of things.

What is interesting about this release is that it is parallel mastered. Instead of the tracks playing one after the other, the grooves on the record run in two spirals next to each other. This means it is pretty much random what song will play when the needle drops.   
This record came in two version; black and teal. Obviously, I have the black version. These are still pretty rare though, this is hand numbered 80/250 on the dust jacket. 

The inside of the cover is entirely dedicated to AVM. It contains an inverted colour image of the Shinrikyo leader, as well as most of the lyrics for Victim For Sorcery.
 There are also two messages inscribed on the vinyl. The first is "Free Charles Manson", and the second is "Free Shoko Ashara". You should need no help guessing who wants to free who. 

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