Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Rot In Hell - Wayfarer split 7"

Here we have yet another split featuring Rot In Hell, this time featuring Wayfarer. The people who designed this, Scrawled design, have done a fantastic job on this one. The record comes in a 7" gatefold sleeve, with a very impressive picture of Odin's Raven. A lot of thought has been out into this one, and I suggest reading about the ideas behind it.
There were a few different versions of this records pressed, including one with a limited booklet. The version I have is on grey vinyl. I'm not sure of how many of this were pressed. I could find out quite easily, but .... well I have no excuse really.
Now as you may have guessed, I find it is always a nice extra for a release to come along with a lyrical insert. (Or any insert for that matter). This record does have one, but sadly it is a tad lackluster. The lyrics are all there, but it is just printed on a normal piece of printer paper. It is not a biggie really, the rest of the package is superb.
If you haven't heard this EP already, the Rot In Hell track is streaming just below.

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