Saturday, 21 January 2012

Parasite - Sin 7"

At the time of getting this record, I had a copy of all the other Parasite records, and getting this would serve to complete the set (I know I don't have all versions and all that, but that just a bit too much for me to get). This EP brings forth two tracks from Parasite. I think these were re-recorded from a demo CD-R that the band released themselves, but I don't really have much hope of tracking one of those down. Both songs set up the G.I.S.M worship style that is obvious on the later releases.

The artwork is pretty good with this EP. It's a real hand-made looking drawing of the Grim Reaper being transported through a graveyard but a pack of vicious wolves.
The vinyl is on plain black. I've no idea if other versions of this were pressed, this one matches the release perfectly anyway.
The reverse centre label features a five-pointer star with some Japanese characters at each point. Again I don't know what these are saying, I wish I did.
As seems usual with Tadpole records releases, they have included some advertising with this record. I'm not really into this, but I guess they gotta get that paper somehow.

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