Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Integrity / Pale Creation Split 7"

I have mentioned an Integrity bulk lot I won from Ebay a couple of times now. I knew this would be coming with the lot, although I didn't really know much about it. When it did finally arrive I decided to put on my detective cap and find out about this record. After some sleuthing of the A389 site I found this was a rather limited record put out around the same time as the re-release of "To Die For". 

Where do I begin with the artwork? Both inside and out this thing is obscure as. At a first glance we see a rather tormented looking face made up of several different image bands. Down the bottom there seems to be some bodies lying in rather un-living positions. Coming off the right of the face is the profile of either a wolf or a bear, I think it is more likely a wolf. Struggling a bit to understand what is going on yet? The inside doesn't get any clearer.
The top half appears to be an X-ray of a human rib cage. What the black areas are meant to be is beyond me. The bottom half is definitely a photo of a pelvis, but again I don't know why.
The reverse side is a bunch of people, or limbs or something, with some obscure writing over the top. All I can make out is "LSD - Try it".  It seems they most certainly have.
Thrown in for good measure was this neat Manson Fish patch. I guess they were taking their own advice (^^) when they came up with this one too. 
Anyway, back to the story. I found that two versions of this were pressed; black and clear. The black was out of 300 and initially came with the red version of "To Die For". As you can see, this is not what I got. No, I got the even more limited clear version of the record. These are limited to a piddly 120 and were only distributed by the bands. A few more are available from A389, but the word is these can fetch upward of $60 on Ebay. I paid only a fraction more than that for the whole lot! 

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