Monday, 23 January 2012

Rot In Hell / Horders - Omega Suite split 7"

This split sort of marks the departure of RIH as a pure metallic hardcore band. When I got this I didn't know what to expect, and almost thought it was the wrong record or something. Instead of the raging fury of the band's previous material, this split takes a more sombre approach much like some of VVegas' work. It really shows off the diversity of this momentous band. 
Of course this is a split, so two bands present work here. Horders is the musical project for the artistic project Give Up. This sort of continues along the same path as the Rot In Hell side; the tracks are slow acoustic/experimental tracks. 

Describing the artwork is a bit like, well, finding a guitar pick in a hay stack. 
Inside the cover is the lyrics to both to Rot In Hell songs. This is probably the only release where this wasn't entirely necessary, you can actually tell the lyrics when listening to it. Imagine that! I do really like this inside though, the black and white design is well put together.
There were too versions of this record pressed, a blue and a black version. The blue version looks really impressive, and even comes with its own little guitar pick. Sadly, I do not own such a version. All I have is the regular black version, well so far anyway.

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