Thursday, 19 January 2012

Kill Life - D.E.A. Flexi 7"

This is the second release by the band mysterio, Kill Life. Here they have slightly changed things up a bit; Mike IX from Eyehategod has seemed to replace Dwid on vocals and I must say he does a great job. This flexi contains only one song; "Dead End America". It starts off with, and ends with, two individuals singing "Amazing Grace". In the middle we have the actual song, which continues in the powerviolence direction witnessed in the split with 33. 

Pretty mcuh everything about this band borders on the obscure, and that includes the artwork. I probably should know what the artwork is of, but I really just don't. All I can get is an individual singing or crying. Although I did notice what appears to be a photoshopped tear on the left side of the face. I guess that doesn't really help solve the puzzle any further does it?
A389 released two versions of this flexi; red and black. Both were out of 125, so the choice came down to what colour I'd prefer to have. I didn't have a red flexi at the time, so opted for that. I'm glad I did, it looks downright awesome. 
Hopefully one day I will be able crack the code that is Kill Life.

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