Friday, 13 January 2012

Die Young - Loss

On one of the many occasions I have ordered from A389, I seemed to be ordering a lot and hence the price of shipping to where I live was horrendous. Being the nice guy that he is, Dom offered to send my some freebies as a way of making up for the shipping costs. In amongst the additional records was this. I must say, when I first listened to it I was not that impressed, but over subsequent listens it has grown on me a bit. I'm not gonna say this record is outstanding, but its not half bad. It does get a listen from time to time.

All I can really make out from the artwork is a figure in chains. I'm not really sure of the story behind the rest of what is going on.
 My version is the second pressing on clear gold vinyl, which does look pretty snazzy. Plus I'm pretty sure this is the only gold vinyl I currently own, so its great to have this colour.
There are no inserts or anything, but the inside of the cover contains a rather inspiring page about loss. I do usually enjoy the band putting this type of material in, and this time is no exception.
On the other side we have the lyrics sheet as well as a thank you list.

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