Saturday, 21 January 2012

Caulfield S/T tape

As I have said on a few of my other posts, I first heard of this band through a digital download deal A389 had up. I knew nothing of this band, so had no idea what to expect. That was a damn good idea of A389 though, I have ended up buying nearly all of the LPs/EPs on vinyl from them.
After listening to this once I knew it was something special. It became my favourite album from the ones I had bought and I listened to it many times. After checking out the Caulfield blog, I saw that a friend of the band was releasing the LP as a limited-run cassette. After I tracked down the Mind-Melt records page, I placed my order. I was excited for this to come in the mail, but it certainly took its time. I even decided to email them to see what was going on. The reply also took its time. In fact, I received my tape before they got back to replying to me, which was weeks after I emailed them. Oh well, it's here now and that's all that really matters.

I find tape artwork quite difficult to photograph, the stupid thing'll keep folding up on you. Here is my best effort. This is a death portrait of someone or another, and it is certainly haunting. the vacant expression of the eyes seem as if they are staring directly into your soul. The greenish/brown colour of the background is great too. I don't know of this is colour synethesia or what, but this is exactly the colour I think of when I play this music.
The actual tape looks pretty hand-made. It is just a blank tape with a simple Caulfield sticker on the top. Some this would probably annoy, but I'm all for it. Not everyone can afford super flashy releases right?
Mind-Melt put out 100 of these bad boys, and I got number 6. So close to getting number 1 this time.
Inside the tape box was this cool insert. On the front is some more artwork, with the track listing underneath.
On the flip side we have the lyrics, as well as a pretty long list of bands you should listen to. These guys do have good taste.
I might get this on vinyl someday, but for now I am rather content on this.
And for those who have neither tape nor vinyl, the whole thing is now available digitally.

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