Tuesday, 1 May 2012

100! - Descendents - Cool To Be You 12"

Before I get into this post I wanna take the time to celebrate the fact this is my 100th post! I've actually enjoyed maintaining this stuff more than I thought I would, and although things have slowed down since the ridiculous month in January, I do endeavour to keep this up for the foreseeable future. I'd also just like to say thanks to everyone who's taken to time to look at what I've got to say and especially those who've said something back. I always appreciate your comments folks.

Anyway, now the soppy stuff is over lets talk music again. In case ya'll don't know, it was RSD (Record Store Day) the other Saturday. I had seen what stuff was going to released that day, and was keen on getting a couple of things. Alas, when I had traveled all the way to the store they weren't anywhere to be seen. Perhaps they were all gone already, I don't know, but I didn't want the whole trip to be a complete waste of bloody time, so looked around for something that would wet my whistle. After some browsing I stumbled across a familiar face; Milo. 
"Cool To Be You" is the last LP released by the Descendents, and now stands at being 8 years old. Musically this is just classic Descendents; 13 tracks of "pop-punk" coolidge.
As you can no doubt see I have the regular black version of the LP. I'm not sure how many regular copies were pressed, but I do know 197 got the colour treatment. Those blue copies sell for ludicrously high prices, so are a bit out reach at the moment.
Inside the sleeve was this insert. On the front we've got some time lapse photos of the band members in action, alongside the general information about the recording. On the reverse is a whole lotta' lyrics.
Seeing as this was released about 8 years after "Everything Sux", and we are eight years after the release of this, I'm thinking it might be time for some new material by this fantastic band. Here's hoping anyway.

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