Wednesday, 20 February 2013

striVVe #4 Tape

I'm not even sure how long ago I got this now, I really should try to post about things sooner to when they arrive!
Anyway, this is (rather obviously) a cassette, released by striVVe recordings some time last year. It features 9 songs from the likes of Shade of Mankind, Thee High Priestess, Black Feud, Horders, Oede and RVeVV, broadcasting strikingly different spectras of heavy music.  
The tape is probably best described as baby blue, although it was most likely produced to match the blue fading over the top of the 4P artwork. It's certainly a nice touch though, much more interesting than a standard store bought cassette.
This particular tape is probably just about the most limited release I've got. Only a ridiculous 10 were produced, and mine was lucky number 5!
Extras, it almost doesn't seem right when I get something without extras anymore. Luckily, this has got it in bucket-loads. To start things off there is a massive cloth patch of the artwork on the tape. That's the one on the right, and on the left there is a cardboard print of the same image.
Next up is this zine. I'm not really into any religious things, and don't want to get into any kind of debate here about the pros/cons, but it's definitely an interesting booklet. There are a few interviews, one of which is with Hans of Liar fame. At this point he was the replacement vocalist for Rot in Hell before for whatever reason things didn't work out and Lecky stepped up.
For a small time label, striVVe definitely put out some interesting things, all with great packaging. They are definitely worth checking out


  1. I have issue #1 and #2 of these. Don't want to get into any Process Church stuff either on my blog...