Friday, 13 April 2012

Integrity / Kids Of Widney High split 7"

Originally this 7" came free with the 5th issue of the Blood Book zine. If all were fair this would the second Blood Book I'd own, but whoever sold me the record must have lost issue #3. Luckily this time around the zine had been kept along with the record, in great condition too.
 My magazine is quite a dark green colour which differs from what I've seen around the place. Generally they seem a lighter greenish colour, but there is one copy I've seen that looks just like mine. Perhaps slightly different colour copies were printed or something.
I can't speak about the quality of other issues of this zine, but I must say that this one is pretty incredible. There are some fantastic interviews, including ones with Boyd Rice and Francis Bacon! How Dwid got that interview I'll never know.
 Towards the back of the book is a catalogue of various records from 90's Holy Terror and bands of similar essence. Things were certainly cheap compared to how they cost these days.
 This split record is somewhat of a strange one. Yes this is same Integrity we all know and love, the very same band that I've posted about so many times before. They even play two songs that you're probably already familiar with; ATF Assault and Jagged Visions. But that is not what makes this record special, it is who they are teaming up with; The Kids of Widney High. 
 The record is just plain black, and if I'm right this is the only colour lurking out there. Although if the different coloured zine is in fact a different version I suppose that counts as a variant doesn't it?
KOWH are a group of disabled children singing songs very dissimilar to Integrity. In fact, the songs probably couldn't get further away in style and they aren't really for me. But you know, that doesn't really matter. The fact that Integrity worked with a band like this is just plain awesome.
And if you've made it this far through the post, you can download the entire split courtesy of HT

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