Monday, 14 July 2014

Integrity - Piss Off You Bloody Wankers 7" Flexi

Alongside the previously mentioned Rot in Hell 12', Organized Crime Records have also released a new Integrity 7" flexi, "Piss Off You Bloody Wankers", limited to a mere 250 copies. An original recording from 1992, it's quite a different Integrity, even for the time. It is really more punk oriented than the rest of their recordings, with their trademark blend of metallic hardcore hardly noticeable at all.
Many people are against the flexi format. Yes the sound quality is usually a bit inferior than it's wax brethren, but the idea is so cool that it outweighs that in my opinion. I love how the music is able to be reproduced on such at a material at all, that it is such a delight to be able to get another one. This time around it is no different, with the 1:30 track being on nice clear flexi plastic.
As you can clearly see, the record comes in a black and white folded outer sleeve with a very young looking Dwid on the front. There is also Integrity skulls galore on the front, and the back of the sleeve. The inside has some early photos of the band too, you shouldn't need telling who that is above.
Of course, Holy Terror has the track online for free listening. At just $1 to purchase, why would you not get your hands on this (if not physically of course). This (and the RIH record) were part of a special pack, so stay tuned for part III which will be arriving soon...

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