Friday, 7 December 2012

Give Up - Sleipnir Print

Okay, so this is not a music post today but it is still just as importnat. I got into this through various vinyl releases so it is at least somewhat related. This is "Sleipnir", a print by the Texas based art-project, Give Up. I originally got into Give Up through Rot in Hell, they were responsible for the artwork for some of the RIH releases. And then there was Horders; the musical incarnation of Give Up. Their latest LP, Fimbulvetr, featured a picture of this artwork on the inside of the gatefold cover. I think I said during that post I'd be keen to get a copy of the print, and here it is.
Sleipnir is part of Norse mythology, a mythical eight legged horse belonging to Odin who was sometimes ridden to Hel. It's a very interesting myth, I recommend reading more into it.
As if the print wasn't great enough, it is also limited and hand numbered out of 30. It is hand-signed on the other side as well. What a great touch.

The whole thing came wrapped in black paper with more of Give Up's artwork printed on it, I should really include a photo of that too. Also thrown in for good measure was a Horders Patch featuring the artwork from the latest LP.
Overall a great package then. I urge you to check Give Up out, they deserve your support.

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