Sunday, 2 December 2012

Rot In Hell - Aria of the Devil MiniCD

I check the internet pretty often for new music being sold, at times at least daily. Mainly Ebay and Discogs are what I'd look through, but occasionally I'll stop by smaller places for a quick browse of what's up for sale. One of those places is the RIH webstore. About two weeks ago I decided enough time had passed to check the webstore again, and to my luck I spyed a new item for sale; this 3" mini CD. 
I was really intrigued by this format. I've never really seen mini CD's take off and this is the first one I've owned. Anyway, it contains only one track; a spectacular cover of "Aria of the Devil" by Theatre of Hate. I think I actually prefer it to the original version, it really showcases the talent of the acoustic side of the band (which I know is something I seem to rave on about a lot but it is seriously great).

The artwork is only slightly modified from the original. Of course the band name has been changed, but also the dagger picture has been duplicated to form a crude version of a symbol now synonymous with this band.
For something so small (and a CD), the packaging is really pretty great. On the back was this amazing wax seal with the Rot in Hell logo on it. Their split with VVegas also featured a wax seal holding the packaging together, so hopefully this is something we are gonna see more of from these guys, it's a real nice touch. Although I used my utmost care removing the seal has every so slightly torn the pack of the cover, I suppose it is some consolation that none of the words got too destroyed.
Of course that was not all that came along in the envelope; inside was a free sticker and patch. You shouldn't really need an intro to what these are but just in case, the sticker is for "The Blackest Curse" by Integrity and the patch is from the Texas art project known as give up (responsible for Horders and some truly great artwork which I shall be posting about shortly).
To top it off I also got a thank you letter for ordering. This sort of thing is always so great to get and is always much appreciated.
It's been a while since I've gotten any new Rot in Hell stuff, but hopefully all of that will change soon when Termini Terrae is finally all shipped.

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