Sunday, 6 January 2013

Rot in Hell - Termini Terrae 7"

There was a time when Rot in Hell was one of those bands who seemed to be putting out a new record every few weeks.. After a slew of splits, a live album and LP, the vocalist Nate decided to leave the band.The band briefly flirted with Hans from Liar as a replacement, but for whatever reason this did not work out. It didn't take long before rumours started circulating that the band would live on, reincarnated with Lecky of Voorhees fame as the new vocalist. These rumours did indeed come true and the band have now released their latest EP; Termini Terrae.

This is actually only the band's second 7 EP , the first being their debut 'Sins of Malice". It is somewhat fitting as this record represents the rebirth of the band, and it does certainly not disappoint. The 7" contains 4 brand new RIH tracks showcasing some ridiculously heavy tracks contrasted against the dark acoustic sections that make the band one of the best out there. Lecky's vocals are definitely welcomed and make the tracks truly some of the most vicious they have ever done. What better way to restart things off?
Once again, Rot in Hell have teamed up with Give Up to create the magnificent artwork on this release. The tri-fold cover looks great, and the artwork has some immense details put into it. Inside we have the lyrics to the tracks and RIH logo.

Right down the bottom is also another small logo many of you may recognise, which brings up something big I've forgotten to mention. This record is also the first release on the reborn Dark Empire Records. This was Dwid's label back in the early days, which has since been superseded by Holy Terror. But in 2012 it was reborn and taken over by Dwid's son Max. The Dark Empire definitely seems ready to strike back.
Five versions of the record have currently been pressed, although I wouldn't be surprised to see some more later on. When this was put up for pre-order a few months ago, the pre-order versions and the test press were available. These were white and blue versions, both limited to 100 copies. I knew these wouldn't stick around for long, so made sure to nab a copy of the blue version. I think it seems to turn out nicer than the white. Of course these are now sold out, but there have since been a red and black version added for sale.
This has really given me a new found appetite for the band and I cannot wait to see what the new RIH incarnation will unleash in the near future.

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