Friday, 6 June 2014

Limb - ST 12"

When I first heard Limb, they had a short 3-track demo CD with UK's Witch Hunter records. The deep, heavy tracks had an almost blues tinge to them that just sounded great. Only two years later and they have put out their very own LP, thanks to New Heavy Sounds. In the middle of these two they had released another 7", also on NHS. This was also good, so didn't really hesitate to pick this up. It's not a bad album by any means, but something has been lost that they had in the original demo. The production is a lot more crisp this time around, which has actually taken away some of the appeal of the record. One of things I loved about the original demo was the thick sound the band was able to produce, and sadly this has been almost completely removed with the recording. 
The LP comes in a nice gatefold cover with some incredibly detailed artwork on the front that certainly does look impressive. I am a fan of the gatefold jackets, but in this case I'm not exactly sure why it was necessary. Inside is a pretty standard photo of the band, not really too exciting.
The LP itself really stands out though. It is a cool electric green/black swirl. Overall 300 copies of this were produced, and from memory this was the only colour variation at the time. Inside the jacket is an insert with the cover artwork.
Overall, not bad but not my favourite release from the band. Listen to the below tracks, first is from the demo and the second from the new LP, let me know which you prefer.

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