Sunday, 1 June 2014

Dead Kennedys - 7" Box Set

My 4th and final part of my RSD releases was this fabulous box set by Dead Kennedys. Yes it's a little different from the other releases I picked up, but these guys are such classic hardcore punk that I couldn't miss the opportunity. 
This box set contains remastered versions of all their original 7"s, all the way from the original "California Uber Alles", through to "Halloween". A lot of their classic tracks are here, with many still be incredibly relevant today, about 30 years later than when they were originally released. Each also has a B-side, many of which I have not heard before. The B-side tracks aren't exactly their best work, but it is still cool to add a couple more DK tracks to the library.
A couple of the 7"s also had earlier recordings than what I had heard on their various LPs. Most noticeable were two of their classics: California Uber Alles and Holiday in Cambodia.
Each record comes in a regular cardboard sleeve with the original artwork, which shows they never seemed to keep to a particular style of artwork. They all look pretty cool, but my definite favourite is the cover for Halloween.
The box also comes along with a book of notes and interviews with the band.

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