Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Millenial Reign - 7"

As part III of my RSD haul, I thought I'd write about this awesome little record, Bones, Dust, Nothing. Originally released a good few years back, this record contains the only tracks from short-lived band, Millenial Reign. It's a shame this band didn't stick around for longer, the four tracks they released on this EP were very promising and I've definitely gone back to listen to them time and time again.
This was originally released by A389 as a pretty standard record. This year however it has received a revamp in the form of a leather cover, well faux-leather cover. I'd never bought a record in a leather sleeve before, and given the awesomeness of the record I decided I must have it. Like their other RSD releases this year, they were available online for a short while for us folk without the ability to buy them the traditional way.
The leather sleeve looks just awesome, and inside is packed with the original packaging. The inside of the sleeve has the typical-of-A389-at-the-time vertical lyric sheet and the vinyl has the standard older centre label. This version is on purple vinyl, which has some definite other colours mixed in there. From what I can tell this was the common colour variant, but only 65 were produced with the special leather sleeve, mine being number 6.

It has been out for years, so you really should have heard it already, but for those slack few here is the entire EP streaming for free.

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