Thursday, 1 May 2014

Integrity / VVegas split 7"

There are several bands that I personally think are big names in metallic hardcore of today. Of course that includes Integrity, but also bands like Gehenna, Rot in Hell etc. Over the last few years, several of these have been pairing up to release amazing split records. One record I have felt should exist but didn't was an Integrity / VVegas split, but this year they have finally teamed up. 
 This 7" features two tracks covering the music of Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. At first I thought this was rather peculiar, and was unsure how the Integ/VVegas spin on these tracks would work. It really does though, they sound just amazing. The inside of the cover mentions the tracks were actually recorded a few years ago now and it shows, at least for Integrity, it is definitely not the same Integrity that recorded Suicide Black Snake. It's quite amazing how much a band can progress in only a few short years.
 A389 handled the release of this record, and was part of their limited record store day releases. Nowhere close to me was actually selling this on the day, and finding an online merchant actually selling copies was rather tough. I did eventually find Interpunk selling copies, a store I have not bought from before, but one which I was pleasantly surprised with.
The record comes in a fold-out 7" jacket with some written words by VVegas' lead man, T. The artwork on this release is once again handled by Szymon Siech, and once again is amazing. This particular version of the release also ties in the best with the red and black colour scheme in the artwork, being pure red vinyl. I have also seen a bright green splatter version that are being sold by the bands, but I think this one looks that slightly bit better. The great artwork even continues onto the centre labels.
 While the rest of the packaging is great, by far the best part is the enormous poster included with it (apologies for the poor photo). At 24"x36" it is a real beast, and quite frankly looks terrifying. Of course mine will never see a wall, but it is still an awesome addition to have.
If downloads are more your thing, A389 are currently selling the entire split for a price that you decide. I'm not sure how long this will last, so get in quick while you can.

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