Monday, 27 August 2012


As promised, here is the latest release by Australia's KRÖMOSOM, paranoid. This is the first proper 7" EP released by the band, and their latest new material since the split with Isterismo. This time around they bring four completely new tracks of their patented style of furiously fast hardcore punk, although I must say the material seems to have a darker element than previous work. One thing that certainly hasn't changed is pure rawness you hear in their songs. You've just got to love it.
Much like the other Holy Terror 7" I recently wrote about, this too is the pre-order version on red vinyl, limited to 200. At least two other colour variants are out there, green and orange but I'm not entirely sure how those are available, possibly through the band on tour. And no I'm not sure if the traffic light theme was intentional or not.
The centre labels are nothing fancy, but then again, KRÖMOSOM is not exactly synonymous with fancy are they? Then again, that artwork may just be the exception to that rule. Compared with previous efforts, this is certainly a lot more detailed. It also highlights the darker sound I mentioned earlier. 
The rear of the cover is rather busy. It has a cool picture of the band members, mixed in with tons of writing, both Japanese and English. I did learn Japanese for a while, although was never proficient enough to decipher what is being said here.
The whole EP is up streaming on the Holy Terror bandcamp page, and is available digitally for just 50c, please show your support if you aren't going to but the vinyl. There isn't really much more for me to say about this. Perhaps keeping with KRÖMOSOM's short style, I'll leave it at that. 

As an update I thought I'd share this. I recently saw they had new shirts up on their Facebook page, so decided to try and grab one. I emailed Yeap who was more than helpful in ordering one. It literally arrived about two days after purchasing it, great right? Plus it's an awesome shirt design too.

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