Monday, 13 August 2012

Lockweld - 8 cuts 12"

When I posted about this band's split with Integrity a while ago, I think I mentioned potentially seeing a rather bizarre skill-saw shaped record released by Lockweld. Well, not long after writing that post I stumbled across said LP on Ebay. My usual buying urges surged through me, and I placed a bid. At that point somebody had already placed a bid on this, and I was ready to deploy my very best bidding-war tactics. The other bidder must not have been overly keen on acquiring this record, as my second bid was the final one, sealing the deal for a few measly dollars. (Of course shipping is what really hurt the wallet).
The split with Integrity was my initial introduction to this interestingly unusual band. Although in all honesty, their tracks weren't really my cup of tea, I did appreciate their creativity. Likewise with this record, I'm not the biggest fan of the tracks, but that saw shaped vinyl was just too cool to pass up on. The edges are actually relatively sharp as well, sharper than you would expect. The record has actually cut a decent hole through the plastic sleeve.
I've really no idea if other variants were made, for some reason I can imagine a band like this releasing a bright pink version (which would probably look really great now I think about it). Anyway, this version is obviously just plain black, and is out of 500 copies.
As an aside, it seems the seller originally paid only a fraction less than what I've paid for it years later. I guess some things just never really appreciate in value...

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